You can restore your body’s natural harmony!

F. M. Alexander, Founder of the Alexander Technique

F. M. Alexander, Founder of the Alexander Technique, and friend

What does the Alexander Technique have to offer?

  • It can offer relief of neck, back, muscular and joint pain
  • It can offer improvements in posture, breathing and circulation
  • It can offer greater freedom of expression for musicians, actors and artists
  • It can offer improved balance and comfort to anyone, of any age
  • It can offer freedom from destructive habits, both physical and mental


What is the Alexander Technique all about?

The Alexander Technique is about freedom – freedom from habits of movement, habits of thought, and habits of reaction, whether physical, mental or emotional. F.M. Alexander, the originator of the Technique, worked out a brilliant method of self-observation and self-awareness which enables people of all ages and backgrounds to learn to recognize destructive habits and replace them with constructive, conscious self-direction. Our muscles and our nervous systems are listening to our brains all the time, but most of the time the “conversation” is below the level of consciousness – and frequently the conversation is based on past reactions to past situations that have nothing to do with what is appropriate in the current moment. The Alexander Technique allows you to consciously choose a better way of doing things, not based on the past but based on the present moment – a way that’s better for your body, and better for the whole of you.

The Alexander Technique is not a therapy or a treatment – it’s about learning to use your body more comfortably and efficiently, in accordance with its natural design. Anyone, regardless of age or physical condition, can benefit from applying it. There are NO difficult exercises or movement sequences, and there is NO painful manipulation – the Alexander Technique is very gentle.

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My name is Alex Watts. I am a member of AmSAT, the American Society for the Alexander Technique, having completed a three-year, 1600-hour AmSAT-approved training course. I teach in the University Heights neighborhood of San Diego, just north of downtown.

I can be reached at, or by telephone at 619-299-2807.